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WANHAO Crawler Excavator Operating Techniques

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Some techniques should be mastered when the crawler excavator works in the complicated terrains where the large and hard rocks may damage the bucket. In order to protect the bucket, the machine body should be positioned towards the cracks of the rocks and make sure that the bucket teeth can easily insert the cracks. Only when the rocks are crashed can the excavator bucket starts to dig. When leveling the slope, the digger should be positioned stable and balanced, and the arm movement should be in accordance with the rod movement, which is very important for the slope leveling.

When it refers to loading and unloading, good cooperation between the truck and the digger is very important, which means that the two machines should make consistent action. Both of the machines should be kept stable, otherwise, it will be hard to control the rotation and the working time will be extended. The crawler excavator should keep proper distance with the truck to avoid any collisions during the working process. Generally, the truck should be positioned lower than the digger, which can shorten the excavator arm lifting time and provide a good vision for the operator. When the loading proceed, the sand and rubbles should be loaded before loading the big rocks, which can effectively reduce the collision to the carriage.

Attentions should be paid to the around environment like the barriers and terrains when the crawler excavator is working. Make both of the crawler belts completely touch with the ground to improve stability and avoid any collisions or tipping-over. The digging power is the maximum when the angle between the bucket cylinder and the rod reaches 90°. The cutting power is the best when the angle between the bucket teeth and the ground is 30°. And the digging efficiency can be improved when using the arm and the bucket at the same time. Sometimes the excavator may also do some lifting work. The high-strengthened lifting hook and wire rope should be used and the machine movement should be slow and gentle. The wire rope length should be proper, too long or too short will be hard to make accurate control. The bucket position should be adjusted properly to avoid slipping wire rope. Make people be away from the lifting load to avoid dangers caused by improper operation.
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