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How to Reduce Excavator Machine Fuel Consumption

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Fuel oil cost accounts for a large part of the excavator machine maintenance cost, so it is very important to reduce the machine fuel consumption for lowering the maintenance budget. Proper operating techniques not only help improve working efficiency but also save the fuel consumption. What is more, fuel oil choosing and maintenance are also very important for reducing the fuel consumption.

Locate the machine in a higher position than the truck when it handles loading or unloading, which can save engine power and improve working efficiency to 40%. The cylinders can produce the maximum power when the angle between the bucket cylinder and rod cylinder reaches 90°. The excavator machine rod bears the maximum capacity when it is vertical to the ground. When it refers to trenching, the excavator should dig the sides of the trench first then the center of the trench, which can save much power. The digger should work with low speed and minimize the rotation radius as much as possible.

What is more, the excavator fuel oil should also be maintained to reduce the fuel consumption. Always use recommended type of fuel oil that is applicable even under extreme temperatures. The fuel oil must be replaced if it exceeds the limited using date. Impurities cause damage to the excavator machine, so measures should be taken to avoid entering any impurities when storing or filling the fuel oil. The fuel oil tank should be filled as specified, failure to do so could result in abnormality. And do not mix the fuel oil with different grades or brands together.

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