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Crawler excavator's cleaningmethod

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When you clean the windshields, mirrors and lights of an excavator, make sure that the operating area, stepsand handholds are free from oil, grass,snow, ice or mud, which can cause you toslip and fall. Clean the mud on your solesbefore getting on the machine.If the machine is checked or serviced with presence of mud or oil dirt, it may causeyou to slip or fall, or dirt may get into youreyes. Keep the machine clean all the time. If water has penetrated into the electrical system, do not rush to power on your machine and start the engine, which cancause machine failure or cause damageto the electrical system. Do not flush theelectrical system (including sensors, and connectors) with water or steam.

The cab should also be kept clean. Clean the mud and oil on your soles when getting into the cab. Mud or oil under yourshoes can cause your foot to slip on thepedal during operation, and serious accidentcould happen.Remove all loose personal items or other objects from the operator's area. Securethese items in the tool box or remove themfrom the machine.Do not use cellular phone when operating or driving the machine.Do not bring hazardous articles, such as flammable or explosive products, into thecab.

After cleaning, make sure that you have lower the work equipment to the ground, placethe hydraulic lockout control leverto the lockedposition, and then shut down theengine. Lock all lockable components andremove the key.

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